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All The Functions of The Fivefold Ministry

This course is a full and comprehensive study of not only all of the members of the Fivefold Ministry but also some new members that have been added in recent years.

These additional callings are the call to Business and Social, which in the future church will become a vital part of the leadership functions in the Body of Christ.

Here are some of the subjects you will be covering in this course. And at the end of it, you will be in a position to very easily identify, not only your own ministry calling, but also the calling of the people that you work with.

What Kind Of Person Functions In These Ministries

One of the quickest ways to distinguish the different ministries is to take a closer look at each person who is flowing in them. You will find some very clear patterns that will help you to quickly identify a person’s ministry orientation, without even getting specific revelation.

Ministry Temperaments

Did you know that each of the ministries tends to rely on one or more of the basic human temperaments. You would have already learned these if you did our Launching Your Ministry Course, which we recommend as the starting course for everyone.

Before you even speak to someone about their ministry, you will be able to assess their temperament within minutes of meeting them. (We show you how to do this in the Launching Your Ministry Course).

Then once you know their basic temperament and which directions they tend to swing in their temperaments you will be able to fairly accurately assess their main ministry orientations.

Goals and Anointing

Each ministry has different goals, and needs a different kind of anointing. This section will show you what you should be aiming for if you are called to a ministry. And you will also learn what kind of anointing you need to do this well.

The Fivefold Order

There is an order of priority in the Fivefold Ministries, and there is a reason for this. Each ministry builds on those that precede it. And then once you reach the last three members of the Fivefold Ministry a further new dimension is added, which we call the Ministry Office.

Non Office Level Ministries

For the longest time in the church, the Evangelist and Pastor were the only ministries that were recognized. And before God began to restore the rest of the fivefold ministries, specifically the Office level ministries, most ministers were usually classed as Evangelists or Pastors.

The Office Level Ministries

The ministries of Teacher, Prophet and Apostle all have an additional dimension or level of authority, which we call the Ministry Office.

They may of course also function simply as ministry activities, like the Evangelist and Pastor. But it is possible to add an extra dimension also. And this dimension adds a higher level of authority to the ministry function.

New Secular Ministries

in the past those who were called into the ministry gave up their secular activities to enter what was known as Full Time Ministry. This is first seen when Jesus invited His disciples to leave their secular jobs and join Him as His ministry team.

But the church of the future will have some additional callings that were not in the Early Church. These involve a calling to be involved in both the Business side of life and the Social side of life.

Each of these is a calling in its own right, and needs to be understood as being far more than just a secular activity.

In this course you will learn in some detail how all of these calling and ministry activities operate. You will learn how to identify them by looking for specific signs.

And you will also learn how each of these ministries fits into the full picture that God has for His Church in the End Times in which we live.

If you are called to any level of ministry, then this course should be required reading or compulsory study. So try to give this course a high level of priority in your studies, along with Launching Your Ministry.

Together they will allow you fully understand the call of God on your life, and give you a clear direction to follow in your ministry training.